Triangolare Sideboard

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by Meccani Ferdinando, 1970

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Lacquered sideboard with 8 doors.

Dimensions (cm): W 264 x D 51,5 x H 235,5

CREATOR: Meccani Arredamenti


Limited edition of n.20 pieces all numbered by Meccani Design, 2022

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Handmade in Italy

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Triangular sideboard, an original work

Presentation Georgica Marin Meccani
Archive document, publication of the 1970s newspaper
Designed and built in 1970 , the sideboard created great curiosity when it was presented for the first time at the inauguration of the Mostra Artigiani Riuniti in Cascina.

A black equilateral triangle. It was not a provocation but the search for new shapes and colors for the time.

A large sideboard with eight doors and internal shelves, function and beauty starting from a pure form where the inclined lines intersect with horizontal and vertical signs.

It is a youthful work by Ferdinando Meccani which also experimented with new techniques in that period.